Nirmala Matha

Convent Mat. Hr.Sec. School

Instructions To Pupils

  1. Be polite while speaking to teacher and elders in general.
  2. Maintain silence in the absence of teacher in the class.
  3. Read the school diary carefully and bring it to the School everyday. Make a note in it of anything of importance to you.
  4. This is your School. Keep it clean and tidy so that you and others may be proud of it.
  5. The use of bad language, rude behaviour and bad manners are forbidden.
  6. Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctuality so that you may get the best out of the School.
  7. Take part in games. Recreation serves to refresh your mind and to give you renewed energy to study.
  8. Take part in all the inter-school and inter-house extra curricular activities and make the best of the opportunities provided to you.
  9. Study and behave even outside the School in such a way that your teachers and parents may be proud of you.
  10. Never waste time. Time is precious. Use it well.
  11. Do your lessons daily. Don't postpone your studies until the time of examinations.
  12. Work hard and do your best in studies. Your parents and the nation expect a lot from you