Nirmala Matha

Convent Mat. Hr.Sec. School

Club Activities

In order to equip themselves the aspects of all rounded personality, the students are provided with various opportunities to join the following club activities.

Exnora Club:

The main objective of this club is to instill in the younger minds the civic sense. The activities of this club are various. They are to keep the school and the surroundings clean, providing village education and environmental protection.

Literary Club:

The students are given the opportunity to participate various functions 0f the school literary club starting from handwriting, elocution, debate group discussion and good listening skills to the native language speakers. Language proficiency is very important for everyone to develop communicative skills.

Aero Modelling Club:

To create an awareness and to form ambition in the younger minds, the aero modeling club has been founded in the school. In this club the students are provided with training by the experts to make the models of the aeroplane and make them fly.

Science Club:

The main aim of this club is to make the younger minds think and act systematically and scientifically, to give forum for their new scientific discoveries and answer their curiosities in the different fields of Science.

Sports Club:

To prove that the sound mind exists in the sound body, this club provides special training in Cricket, Shuttle Cock, Volley Ball and Basket Ball. After the school hours, practice is given to all the interested students of the school.

Nature Club:

This club has been organized in the school in order to make students love the nature and environment. Different activities are initiated like collecting information about forest areas, wild life sanctuaries in the world as well as in Tamilnadu and care are taken to protect the Conservation.


Children are taught skating in our school. It helps them to increase concentration power and keeps their body and mind agile. Wisdomatic Club: This club deals with creating interest in Mathematics among students to realize their optimum potential to reach global competitive levels. It mainly emphasizes on Quiz programs. Abacus training is also given by this club.


The school has the privilege of having NCC unit for the girls. They are trained to live a disciplined life with leadership qualities imbibed in them. Our NCC troop comes under 5 (TN) Girls BTN. SCOUTS & CUBS: We have scouts and cubs for the boys. The motto of the boys scouts & cubs is "be prepared'. In tune with this, they are trained to face their duties as good citizens. They are taught to be self disciplined, helpful and also to keep their surroundings environment friendly.


The school has a well established library consisting valuable books and CD's covering all subjects of study. The library is set with audio visual too. The library is being continuously expanded and enhanced with excellent facilities. Students will be taken to the library class wise during their library periods.