Nirmala Matha

Convent Mat. Hr.Sec. School

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The year 2019-20 is designated as the “ Year of Reverence “ based on the rule “ Do for others, whatever you want them to do for you.”

Give due respect to God and men. Respect for God is meaningful when it goes hand in hand with a genuine respect for His creatures.

In the growth of any interpersonal relationship, mutual respect is essential. If there is domination or control of one over the other, true love and friendship cannot flourish. Respect the other and learn from the other. Respect the people irrespective of age-elder, peer group and youngsters. Respect the people irrespective of caste and creed. Respect not only the people but also the places, timings and events. In today's society, the standards of decorum, dignity and courtesy are assailed on every side and in every form of media. It is our duty to nurture and foster the good traditions of our land. We must cultivate in our homes and classrooms, respect for each other and reverence for God.

Sr. Roselin Pullely . SABS